/ The proper house made from 100 sq.m apartment
Year implementation: 2018
Moscow region, Balashikha
A spacious apartment on the 25th floor was repaired. Due to the free planning, it was possible to put a sauna with a dressing room (customers' dream), two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, home theater, bedroom, wardrobe, laundry room, and a large children's room.
The style of the apartment turned out to be unique. Modern directions were combined with a loft and oriental accents. Glass partitions were used for the living room zoning. They make the interior look bright, stylish and unique.
The children's room is made like a garage loft. Its interior was inspired by the son's love of bears, so the bear became the central art object in the room occupying part of the wall. In addition to brick finishing, wood and leather were used in the interior's furniture. The room accurately reflects the character of its inhabitant.

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