/ «Apartment for yourself»
Year of implementation: 2019
Saratov, Residential Complex «Egoist»

The modern interpretation of neoclassicism was chosen as a style decision. A three bedroom apartment was made from a two bedroom apartment using a partition with stained glass panels, dividing a single space into an office and a living room. There was also a spacious dressing room and a small laundry for housekeeping needs.
The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the apartment is a spacious entrance hall with a mirror in the center and contrasting tiles on the floor. The living room was designed in neoclassical-style gray tones. The central object of the interior is a designer coffee table and a chandelier. The kitchen area is separated from the living room due to the ceiling and flooring materials.
Gray tones in combination with caramel and gold were used in the bedroom. The bed is made in soft velvet. It turned out to be an unusual combination, which makes the bedroom look luxurious, but very comfortable.
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