/ «Remont.Life»
Year of implementation: 2017
A small studio apartment, which the design was developed by our team, became a participant in the television project "Repair. Life. Saratov " on the channel" Saratov-24 ". For the TV project, the mid-century style was chosen, in which new technologies and maximum practicability are combined with natural-appearing materials and sets of colors.
Functional zoning was done first. To clear the room of the dressers and shelves, all the storage furniture was placed in the corridor, and in the living room only the necessary basics were left: cushioned furniture, appliances, and a transforming bed, which when folded looks like a wardrobe on the wall.
Each room has its own color accent. For example, lockers executed in emerald color stand in the highlight of the kitchen; an orange sofa and chair in the living room and bedroom; a round red-framed mirror in the corridor. Despite its size, the apartment turned out to be spacious and comfortable.