/ House in Ust-Kurdyum
Year of implementation: 2018
Saratov. Ust-Kurdyum
Our customers were a family who wanted to see a spacious house that would be comfortable to live in. This house is where the grandchildren are happy to come for holidays, and the big extended family gathers in a cozy living room. It was important to design the house harmonizing its picturesque location and fine view of the wide Volga from the window.
For this reason, pastel shades were chosen as the main background. The effect of naturalness and unity with nature was created using wood and stone. Different materials and textures also play a role in the visual separation of the living room, dining room and kitchen. In the bedrooms and the office, gray and brown tones were used.
The design of the room for the grandchildren follows the basic stylistic choices. However, the purpose of the room allowed to add some bright colors. The focus was on one of the walls, painted in a turquoise color.

Each room turned out to be truly unique and spirited. The house is filled with the freshness and airiness innate to Scandinavian design.
Проект находится в стадии реализации.