/ Scandinavian style apartment
Year of implementation: 2018
A young family with a newborn child chose the Scandinavian style for their apartment, which perfectly reflects their character. To implement their ideas, cold tones and natural-appearing materials in light shades were chosen.
The basic requirement was to make an economical renovation, so we were looking for inexpensive, but no less stylish solutions. We used practically no custom-made elements, but instead selected ready-made solutions. For example, a TV stand and a dining-room table were purchased at IKEA. Tiles for the bathroom and toilet were found from Russian manufacturers.
The kitchen, dining room, and living room were combined into one space, visually highlighting the recreational area with wooden beams on the walls and ceiling. In the bedroom, a minimal amount of furniture was used: only the essentials, with light and simple/shapes. Wallpaper with the design of leaves was chosen for the decor.

The space-saving children's room was filled with Scandinavian motifs. The bunk bed, books, clothes, and storing shelves were placed in the room, as well as fitness wall bars, which can be replaced by a desktop when the children grow up.