/ Interior design of a compact one-room apartment in the residential complex «Cheryomushki 2»
Year of implementation: 2015
Russia, Saratov, Residential Complex «Cheryomushki 2»
For a studio apartment owned by a young girl, we selected the "minimalism" style. In the interior design light, shades on the walls were used and contrast was added using connecting doors made of dark wood, as well as a slate wall.
We divided the studio apartment into zones: kitchen with a dining area, living room, bedroom and corner walk-in closet. In order to visually expand the space and add volume, a large number of mirrors and glazed surfaces were used as decor.
Turquoise and yellow colors were used as bright accents. In particular, one of the walls in the living room was decorated with heat-strengthened glass printed in onyx in turquoise color. The kitchen backsplash was designed in a similar way.
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