/ «Gloss & Shine»
Year of implementation: 2016
Saratov, Residential Complex «Cheryomushki»
Not all of our customers are attracted to pastel shades; some choose darker, more intense combinations. For example, the owners of the "triangular" apartment in the Cheremushki Residential Complex preferred chocolate shades combined with cream shades, looking more contrast and effective.
All of the space in the apartment was utilized. The dark corners were occupied with wardrobes, while the kitchen, dining room and living room were combined into one room. The bathroom was also expanded by adding a corridor which divided it into two rooms.
The children's room does not follow the common concept of apartment design. It was painted rich yellow and bright blue shades. An unusual decoration of the room was the wardrobe, the doors of which were covered with slate so that the child could use it as a writing board.
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