/ Space invader
Year of implementation: 2017
Saratov, Residential Complex «Kazachiy»
The interior design of this apartment was created in minimalism using space themes. While planning, we increased the size of the bathroom to fit the hammam bath, which our customers dreamed of.

Interesting light fixtures, neon-filled lightening, mirrors, and glazed surfaces were used to make the rooms look like interior decorations of spaceships from science fiction films.
Streamlined shape allowed to make a united area of the kitchen, dining room and living room. Zoning is achieved due to the contrast of white and black colors.
The children's room followed the overall design concept of the apartment. However, bright colors were added. The working area was painted yellow color and situated at the window. The same color is duplicated on the side walls.
Проект находится в стадии реализации.