/ Plant Executive Office
Year of implementation: 2018
Saratov region
The design of the Executive office indicates not only the style and tastes of the CEO himself, but also about the company and its status. When designing the office, we took these points into account, so for the implementation of the project we proposed a conservative and business-like style.
Coffee-colored shades and wooden surfaces were chosen for the reception area to create a comfortable waiting atmosphere. The interior of the office is also made of wood, but stone veneer appears on the walls. The main piece of furniture - a round-cornered work desk - was custom-made. Wooden elements on the floor and ceiling follow the shapes of its contours.
The large conference room follows the overall style, but the matted wooden surfaces were replaced with darker and more glazed ones, which adds contrast to the room.

From time to time every person needs to relax; for this reason we have also equipped a hidden recreational area for the CEO, where there is a sofa and a TV, and the interior has light and soft colors.
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