Year of implementation: 2018
A creative design project of the bar "Ruki vverh" was made by keeping the best traditions of the 90-s style. This made-up project is inspired by the heroes and hits of that time, which you can tell even at the entrance of the building. The corridor is decorated with quotes and images of characters, films, and cartoons: "Timon and Pumba", "Home Alone", "Terminator" and others.
The longest bar counter in Siberia is in the main hall of the "Ruki vverh" Bar, and along its entire length there is a dance zone. We placed the frontal part of an old-style bus on the stage, and the guests' zone was stylized as a dining car with huge letters "Petersburg-Yakutsk".
The karaoke room was decorated to the TV show "Guess a Melody" with a traditional big stage and a microphone. The style of the 90s can be traced to the exquisite details of the Barbie style toilets, neon lamps, mirrors, bright accents, and disco balls.
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